ASUS ROG G751JY - Customizing apps

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Customizing apps

You can move, resize, unpin, or close apps from the Start screen using

the following steps:

Position your mouse pointer over the app then left-click

or tap once to launch it.


twice then use the arrow keys to browse

through the apps. Press

to launch an app.

Moving apps

Double-tap on the app then drag and drop the app to a

new location.

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Notebook PC E-Manual


Unpinning apps

Resizing apps

Right-click on the app to activate the Customize bar,

then tap/click

and select an app tile size.

Right-click on the app to activate the Customize bar

then tap/click



Move your mouse pointer on the top side of the

launched app then wait for the pointer to change

to a hand icon.


Drag then drop the app to the bottom of the

screen to close it.

From the running app’s screen, press


Closing apps

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Notebook PC E-Manual