ASUS ROG G751JY - Top view

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Top view

NOTE: The keyboard's layout may vary per region or country. The

Notebook view may also vary in appearance depending on the Notebook

PC model.

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Notebook PC E-Manual


Array microphone

The array microphones feature echo canceling, noise

suppression, and beam forming functions for better voice

recognition and audio recording.


The built-in camera allows you to take pictures or record videos

using your Notebook PC.

Display panel

The high-definition display panel provides excellent viewing

features for photos, videos, and other multimedia files on your

Notebook PC.

Macro keys

These keys allows you replace a series of inputs with one key


Steam™ key

This key launches the Steam™ application when your system is

on or running. When your Notebook PC is off or in sleep mode,

press this key to boot your PC, go to the operating system, and

launch the Steam application.

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Notebook PC E-Manual

Record key

This key enables you to record games while playing.


The keyboard provides full-sized QWERTY keys with a

comfortable travel depth for typing. It also enables you to use

the function keys, allows quick access to Windows®, and controls

other multimedia functions.

NOTE: The keyboard layout differs by model or territory.


The touchpad allows the use of multi-gestures to navigate

onscreen, providing an intuitive user experience. It also simulates

the functions of a regular mouse.

NOTE: For more details, refer to the Using touchpad gestures

section in this manual.

Status indicators

The status indicators help identify the current hardware status of

your Notebook PC.

Power button

Press the power button to turn your Notebook PC on or off. You

can also use the power button to put your Notebook PC to sleep

or hibernate mode and wake it up from sleep or hibernate mode.

In the event that your Notebook PC becomes unresponsive,

press and hold the power button for about four (4) seconds until

your Notebook PC shuts down.

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Notebook PC E-Manual


Numeric keypad

The numeric keypad toggles between these two functions: for

numeric input and as pointer direction keys.

NOTE: For more details, refer to the Using the numeric keypad

section in this manual.

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Notebook PC E-Manual